Invitations | Allyson and Kevin

The first time I met with Allyson to discuss her invitations, she referred to herself as "disgustingly in love." I don't know about disgusting, but it is CLEAR that she and Kevin are head over heels for each other. He's been deployed for the past FOREVER and she misses him like crazy. He'll be home in mid-November, and I know she can't wait!

These were some of my favorite invitations so far! They were planned and sketched out on the dreamy beaches of Crete and were the first invitations to come out of my Richmond adventure. Allyson was an absolute DREAM to work with, and her classic-meets-princess wedding invitations were SO fun to make! (You know me, I love swirls!) And I LOVE that she went with an extreme horizontal layout. It makes her invitations even more unique!

I wish she and Kevin all the best, not only on their wedding day, but for the rest of their married life!

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