July 16, 2014

I have a personal post today! A few weeks ago I was blessed enough to be able to go to Greece for two weeks. I had the time of my life, fell in love with a country I won't see again soon enough, broke my own heart when I left and now I never want to forget about it. However, I am NOT a scrapbook girl. And I wanted a way of displaying my gorgeous photos and memorabilia without having a bulky scrapbook laying around collecting dust. This is the solution I came up with, and I LOVE IT. I so frequently work on jobs for other people that sometimes I forget to set aside time to do something for myself. This was a very fun and relaxing project, and I know I'll treasure these sweet little boxes for the rest of my life.


But it's time to get back to work! Don't forget that I take custom orders, create invitations, redesign logos, and will take on a wide variety of other jobs as well. Don't hesitate to ask!




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