June 27, 2014



June 6, 2014

I've been working with Comparity Insurance for the past month or so, and I was asked to design an ad for them. What was meant to be one turned into two, and now we have a "classy-metro" version AS WELL as a "Constantly Alexandra Style Hand-Lettered" version. I can't say that I'm not excited to have been asked to show off my hand-lettering side!




June 2, 2014

I was wrapping up some last minute details on a piece earlier, and realized that I hadn't uploaded my last two projects! Helloooo summer brain! I'm only going to do one today, and I'll post the other in a day or two. 

A friend from college recently contacted me and asked for a drawing of his dog. This project was a challenge for me, because I haven't worked with color in awhile...and everyone knows that fur can be complicated! But I like the final result! I decided to use a wood panel instead of traditional white canvas because it gave the drawing a little more warmth and dimension. 





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