February 22, 2014

Even though I already entered my piece into Fossil's Tin Design contest, I had this extra sketch that I loved. So I cleaned it up and I'm posting it now as a daily doodle! 

This quote from J.R.R Tolkein has always been a favorite of mine, and I find it especially relevant as a wandering post-grad. I think everyone has those moments when they feel lost and a little confused, and I think it's important to remember that when things aren't going the way you expect them to, doesn't mean that it won't work out in the end. 




February 19, 2014

Hey All!


One of my beautiful, wonderful brides had her invitation deadline this week, and wouldn't you know the day before THE DAY my PRINTER (my lifeline, my baby, my way of life) dies on me. I was heartbroken!


But Michelle, bless her heart, was as understanding as clients come, and we made it work. (And on TIME too!) And I've ordered a new printer, and it'll be here soon.


As we all know, I can't do any grand reveals until the future Mrs. Holder sends out her invitations, but I can do a SNEAK PEEK!


I'm so blessed to have so many understanding and wonderful clients. Thank you all! (Especially you, M!)




February 15, 2014

How does the saying go? Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is... more heartfelt when hand-lettered? That may not be the EXACT phrase, but these custom wine and liquor bottles sure did the trick! 






February 7, 2014


I love people that love their pets! One of my cousins asked me to do some pet portraits of his sweet little dog and her friend!  Here are Maggie (left) and Hannah (right)! They are both done in graphite and charcoal, then scanned and digitally refined.  

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